CAKE Releases Track Concept

CAKE Releases Track Concept

CAKE has today released the blueprints for their category-specific designed test track, with all dimensions created to support the characteristics of light electric off-road motorbikes. The track is designed Robin Wallner.

The new category of lightweight electric motorbikes needs its own space and opens up for a lot of new possibilities. In cases where untouched backcountry is unavailable, the compact track format is ideal. The fact that the electric motorbike doesn't disturb, is quiet and doesn't pollute, the cause for complaint is history. The tracks can be built in your own backyard, a small empty land lot, inside an old warehouse, on rooftops or any other available public or private space.

"The idea of developing a track, attuned to serve the category of light, clean and quiet electric motorbikes has been with us since the beginning, especially since we believe that everything from e-bikes to what CAKE does, shouldn't be used ON the same specific trails that are allocated for MTBs; DH, Enduro or X-country bicycles, and shouldn't compete with MX bikes, gasoline or electric," explained Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

"Light electric off-road motorbikes have unique combinations of torque, speed, lightness and snappiness," added Waller. "When Stefan reached out to me to help create a track concept that would suit the type and style of bike they were working on, I knew I had to design a track that would maximize these advantages and encompass curves, table tops, jumps, and banks and rollers. Overall I'm happy with how the track turned out, and so far everyone who has ridden it has left with a big smile on their face."

Just as an MX track is shaped to support MX bikes, the CAKE track is shaped to get the best from a lightweight electric motorbike, since the feeling and handling is much more like a DH bike with the acceleration of a 250cc. The CAKE bikes are developed to excel in trail-like circumstances, rather than in mud and swampy conditions. The closest way to describe the track is a DH track but on the flat.

Photos: Courtesy of CAKE