Atlantic Pavilion by Valdemar Coutinho

Atlantic Pavilion by Valdemar Coutinho

Valdemar Coutinho recently designed the Atlantic Pavilion, located in the north of Portugal in Viana do Castelo.

"Due to the necessity of a strong financial control and endow the thought of building infrastructures for a future easy access maintenance, the global cost of the work was restricted in a pre-established value by the City Council of Viana do Castelo," Coutinho commented. "Demands which became a true challenge in the way of thinking to respond to what was requested. Hence, the use of the brutalist image in the project without being taken to extremes, perceptible in the change rooms and sports field."

It was with this intention that Valdemar Coutinho Architects devised a Pavilion, reflecting the various program and budget demands with an appealing dynamic and humanized image, minimizing the common impact in these type of sports pavilion buildings.

Photography: Joao Morgado

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