Norman Foster Foundation 2018 Workshop - Urban Mobility

Norman Foster Foundation 2018 Workshop: Urban Mobility

The Norman Foster Foundation's Urban Mobility Workshop will take place on September 17-21, 2018. The workshop will focus on new urban technologies and how these could open up an exciting range of opportunities in which the infrastructure of movement and the architecture of buildings can physically merge together.

Could these technologies change the reality and perception of new ways of transportation, such as monorail systems, especially if the supporting structures could accommodate other urban benefits such as elevated decks for cyclists and pedestrians, landscape and city farming? This workshop will explore these and other possibilities in the context of three city typologies - the high-rise, high-density city or city core, the medium-rise, high-density city and the low-rise, low-density sprawling metropolis. Respectively the three examples chosen for study are Mexico City, London and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Urban Mobility Workshop will include seminars, lectures, one-to-one tutoring and urban architectural tours to learn more about the context of Madrid. During the course of the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to engage with the Norman Foster Foundation's archive and research projects.

Illustration: Greys cigarettes advertisement, London in 2500

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