Resilient Homes Design Challenge

Resilient Homes Design Challenge

The World Bank, Build Academy, Airbnb and GFDRR have launched the Resilient Homes Design Challenge. The competition aims to challenge entrants to generate designs for cost-effective, sustainable, small homes for people living in underdeveloped areas that both reduce the risk of damage and enable rapid reconstruction following a natural disaster.

The challenge has been designed for three scenarios: Earthquakes & tropical storms on islands; Earthquakes & landslides in mountain & inland areas; and Tropical storms & floods in coastal areas. Design teams can submit designs for a single scenario or all three scenarios depending on their preference. Design teams are also encouraged to look beyond 'fully prefabricated' housing designs in order to allow incorporating local building materials into their designs.

Winning designs will be published and winners will be invited to exhibit at the World Bank in Washington DC, USA and other select global venues. Winning designs could also eventually inform resilient housing or reconstruction work for World Bank-funded projects in places like the Caribbean, South and East Asia, etc.

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2018.

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