NU:RO by Anton and Irene Launched on Kickstarter

NU:RO by Anton & Irene Launched on Kickstarter

Anton & Irene studio has launched its minimalist analog 'NU:RO' watch on Kickstarter. The watch has two dials, one with hours at the top and the other with minutes at the bottom. When they rotate, the current time is shown inside the hourglass.

After winning the Red Dot Award in 2010 for best concept, and many years of creating digital products for a variety of clients like The Met, USAToday, Spotify, Balenciaga, Google and Netflix, Anton & Irene decided to make the leap into product design and produce the watch themselves.

The timepiece has a white watch face and black casing, with 3 different bands: black leather, white leather or stainless steel mesh (vegan).

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