Bouroullecs Play on Perspective for nanimarquina

Bouroullecs Play on Perspective for nanimarquina

Rhythmic rhombuses, intricate lines and mixed colors describe Blur, the newest collection from Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for nanimarquina. Looking at the rug up close or far away will show two different readings, which gives the collection its name.

Creating a distinct multi-dimensional appearance from different perspectives, the overall blurred effect of this collection is achieved by inverting the way in which the kilims are traditionally woven. There is an indefinite, unfocused surface when looking at the rug from afar; nevertheless, upon approaching the rug, lines and clear shapes in different proportions are revealed in the purest kinetic style.

Blur adds texture and dimension to any given living space, creating a distinct environment with a sense of character. The collection comprises four models: Blur black, Blur green, Blur red, and Blur runner; all of which showcase different configurations of lines and shapes.

Photos: nanimarquina

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