Furniture Design Studios

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  1. ARDE


    ARDE design studio is one of Scandinavias leading experts in furniture design. We have a unique holistic background in the furniture industry, both in design, retail and production. In our design process we consider the whole value chain behind a product. We make designs that will work from idea, to prototype, to production - to the final product being sold and used.

    recent news Mater Launches Nova Chair Designed by ARDE

  2. Autoban


    Internationally renowned, Istanbul-based multidisciplinary design studio Autoban was founded in 2003 by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar, and later joined by Efe Aydar. Now employing 40 staff, Autoban works across architecture and interiors, product and experiential design, forging a reputation for thoughtfulness, experimentation and craftsmanship.

  3. Sand and Birch

    Sand & Birch

    Sand & Birch Design studio was founded in 2003 when Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro decided to join their different cultural backgrounds and experiences together for a unique project: to re-interpret the concept of furnishing and to bring other meanings, other senses and other lives to objects.

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    Founded in 2005 by Zoe Coombes and David Boira, Commonwealth is a furniture, art and design studio based in New York City. Harnessing a new fluidity enabled by machine languages, Commonwealth's interests are as material and emotional as they are technical. Working within the worlds of contemporary art and industrial furniture design, Commonwealth aims to produce work that embodies a sense of elegant desire through an engagement with both the newest of tools and the oldest of techniques.

  5. SPARK


    SPARK design studio primarily works with designing furniture, products, interiors and exhibition stands. Through our wide architectural background and our good experiences from many co-operations with manufacturers, we are able to meet the demands that our customers have towards a serious and professional partner.

    recent news Bernhardt Design Launches Pedersen Lounge Chair

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    Derin Design

    Derin collection's characteristics are founded on simplicity with well-defined lines, giving a sense of movement that integrates modern and fast urban lifestyles - suitable for both home and office environments.

  7. Jasper Morrison

    Jasper Morrison

    Jasper Morrison consists of two design offices, a main office in London and a branch office in Paris. Services offered by JM are wide ranging, from tableware & kitchen products to furniture and lighting, sanitaryware, electronics and appliance design.

  8. Simon Pengelly

    Simon Pengelly

    Simon Pengelly is a British furniture designer. He founded Pengelly Design in 1993 and today designs for a number of the world's leading furniture manufacturers including Chorus, Habitat, Heals, Johanson and Modus. His approach to furniture design brings together a blend of organic minimalism and a distinctive feel for natural materials.

  9. Toan Nguyen

    Toan Nguyen

    Toan Nguyen is a multidisciplinary atelier focused on design development in many different design fields, from furniture to technological products.

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    Studiomama is based in London and owned by the designer Nina Tolstrup. Nina Tolstrup is designing products for companies while also taking a pro-active approach designing, manufacturing and selling her own ranges under the Studiomama name.

  11. Duffy London

    Duffy London

    Duffy London is a bespoke design company where we like to have fun with design, whether it is creating illusions with objects, or just simply designing original, life-enhancing products.

  12. MA/U Studio

    MA/U Studio

    MA/U Studio aims at creating a synergy between the objects and furniture we create, and the surroundings in which they are placed; offices, domestic premises or public spaces. We hail the open space and its social identity - we like the idea that furniture changes according to the purpose for which it is being used, or the surrounding in which it is being placed.

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    Artecnica is a Los Angeles based design company that collaborates with the most established and emerging international designers to create inspiring decorative objects for the living environment.

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    Studio Lawrence

    Studio Lawrence has been established in order to create quality furniture made by hand. Its founders, Dutch designers Patrick O. de Louwere and Bart Eijking, strive to create beauty combining craftsmanship with the arts.

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    NunoErin was founded in 2006 and is led by Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne. The studio designs and produces innovative projects in furniture and visual arts. Our designs encourage creative interaction between people and objects, enhance the sensory experience, and reflect our immediate environment.

  16. Studio Dunn

    Studio Dunn

    Studio Dunn works with a network of local designers, artisans, and manufacturers in and around Rhode Island to develop and refine designs. Focusing on the use of classic materials including wood, metal, glass, and ceramics, and through the use in-house fabrication capabilities Studio Dunn uses experimental processes to create innovative designs.

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    Gursan Ergil Design Studio

    Gursan Ergil Design Studio is an Istanbul based studio with the main objective of creating well-crafted, harmonious environments both indoors and outdoors.

  18. Studio Viganò

    Studio Viganò

    Studio Viganò was founded by Giuseppe Viganò with the purpuse to enlarge his team offering to his strengthened and future clients a guarantee of a service wider and more complete.

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    David Weeks

    David Weeks is known for his large scale mobile chandeliers, standing lamps and sconces. Originally a painter and sculptor, Weeks established David Weeks Studio in 1996. Employing his sculpture background, Weeks developed a line of lights possessing both the clean perfection of machine-made products and the creative freedom of one-of-a kind objects.

  20. 201 Design Studio

    201 Design Studio

    201 is a product design studio, based in Bucharest, Romania. Our studio creates products focused primarily on function and the interaction between the user and the object, these being the key elements that determine our creation process.

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    A Swedish design company located in Stockholm. We focus on product design, furniture design and interior design but also art.

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    Founded by designer Ronald Knol, RKNL creates furniture for the RKNL collection and other brands. The designs are distinguished by soft edges and clean lines.

  23. MUT Design

    MUT Design

    MUT is a design studio founded by Alberto Sánchez in 2010, as a multidisciplinary team whose values are based upon the principle of emotive design. High doses of experimentation and a lot of imagination to redefine everyday objects.This unique quality and fresh approach to everyday life unifies each of their projects, making of this enterprising atelier a design icon, ever growing and improving.

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    Pastoe creates progressive contemporary furniture that pays due attention to tradition and craftsmanship.

  25. De Vorm

    De Vorm

    De Vorm is a Netherlands based furniture design studio that develops sustainable products.