plajer and franz studio Creates New Store Concept for Karl Lagerfeld

plajer & franz studio Creates New Store Concept for Karl Lagerfeld

plajer & franz studio, in partnership with Karl Lagerfeld Retail, has designed a new concept for Karl Lagerfeld's first store in Germany. The design is inspired from Lagerfeld's own office and home and shares his fascinating world with the customer.

In recent years, the lifestyle-brand's stores had been characterized by a minimalistic design and strong contrasts. However, the new retail concept focuses on an elegant and clean aesthetic that ensures an inviting, light and open feel.

Spanning 140 sqm, the flagship-store is located in a historic building in the city centre of Munich. Filigree displays in the shop windows allow the passers-by to take a look inside the shop interior. Central element there is an installation of chrome frame elements placed in front of a generous marble staircase, which leads to the upper floor along a deep black wall, making an inviting gesture at the bottom of the stairs.

The store design is characterized by furnishing elements from Karl Lagerfeld's living environment. A carpet with a geometric pattern reflects one he designed for his apartment. Framed sketches of his work are on display in the store. Gold-framed mirrors, red velvet armchairs, french panels and the herringbone parquet are inspired by the traditional french architecture from the fashion designer's office. A bespoke carpet with a red border around the edges mimics the frame he uses as a trademark for all his sketches.

Photos: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

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