Arco MONO by Uli Budde and Ivan Kasner

Arco MONO by Uli Budde and Ivan Kasner

Arco has unveiled MONO, a dynamic place for one person to work or stay at for a short period of time. Designed by Uli Budde and Ivan Kasner, MONO is a flexible piece of furniture that facilitates different seating positions and is suitable for public places, waiting areas and interstices.

MONO has been developed in a sustainable way: all four components (foam, steel, fabric and wood) can be separated, replaced and recycled. The upholstery can be removed thanks to the use of Velcro, and then cleaned (depending on the fabric) or possibly renovated. In addition, all parts can be renovated separately from each other, so that in the event of any damage the product can be easily repaired.

The tabletop of the MONO is executed in solid wood, the column in steel, the seat in fabric, and the bag holder is covered with a protective textile. It has a "basic" and a "plus" version. The basic version can be executed in a dark and a light version. The plus variant is composed as desired within certain limits. The total height of the furniture is 70 cm, which is also the height of the tabletop. MONO has a seat height of 47 cm and a seat depth of 35 cm. The total width of the furniture is 93 cm.

Photos: Courtesy of Arco


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