Studio O+A Designs Cisco Meraki's Second Floor Expansion

Studio O+A Designs Cisco Meraki's Second Floor Expansion

Four years ago, when Cisco originally acquired Meraki - a maker of cloud-controlled wireless systems - Studio O+A was tasked with designing larger quarters that kept the smaller company's sense of identity. Recently, O+A was invited back to expand the company to a new floor and help the firm manage its rapid growth.

To get the second floor office up and running while planning for the long term, the design team located graphics and conference rooms in a way that would prevent workstations from getting crammed into every corner and would keep circulation paths clear. Custom full-height storage doors in each workstation neighborhood prevent clutter and provide dramatic color interventions.

For cohesion, the design team chose some of the same materials and colors as on the original floor, while deploying them in new patterns and combinations. The Cisco brand wall at the entrance and an extruded graphic wall at the stair both use light and shadow to create a buoyant, art-gallery atmosphere.

Photography: Garrett Rowland

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