Blueroom Completes Veranda Villa in Poland

Blueroom Completes Veranda Villa in Poland

Blueroom recently finished a vernacular contemporary mountain villa in Poland. Their brief was to design a unique destination for family get togethers, to receive and entertain guests, and to rent out as a holiday home.

Through the merging of contemporary sharp lines, a vernacular sheltering roof shape and a maximum focus on view and openness, this Villa offers a constantly changing sensory experience of its surroundings, in any weather and in all seasons.

The Villa offers 8 to 10 sleeping places distributed over 3 bedrooms and the mezzanine:
a 4-person family room with a pantry, a 2-person guestroom, the master bedroom with its own shower and sink, and the mezzanine. With two bathrooms, a sauna, a spacious 10-12-person open kitchen and a generous wooden garden terrace with jacuzzi, all contemporary comforts are provided for.

Photography: Igor Kozłowski

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