Carl Gustav Magnusson Designs Zinc Chair for Allseating

Carl Gustav Magnusson Designs Zinc Chair for Allseating

Allseating has unveiled its latest collaboration with Carl Gustav Magnusson, Zinc. The chair's classic elegance is a direct result of Magnusson's design philosophy - to "avoid style, as that inevitably falls out of style."

Designed with the intent of providing support to both short-term and long-term users, Zinc was developed with the idea of comfort; whether you are sitting for five minutes or five hours, it is a chair that is meant to be considerate and user-friendly, as well as fitting for commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces. When conceptualizing Zinc, Magnusson consulted 'The Measure of Man' study to engineer the chair to be ergonomically precise and create a design that better accommodates the human anatomy. Additionally, various seating tests were administered in order to determine the perfect sit. The end result was a masterfully designed single shell chair that incorporates a sinuous curve which reinforces the natural seating position to provide maximum comfort.

It's single shell is available in 14 polypropylene colors, and is complemented by multiple base offerings, including a standard four-legged aluminum base; an aluminum sled base; and a natural oil rubbed oak quad pod. Zinc can be customized with an upholstered seat pad or upholstered seat and back pad design.

The chair's unique cufflink detail is also functional, as it serves as the connection point between the seat's back and arms, as well as securing the seat and back pad to the chair. The concept for the detail was derived from Carl's inspiration of a gentleman's cufflink, while the zinc material itself forms the chair's namesake.

Images: Courtesy of Allseating


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