Ford and GTB Brazil Design Accessibility Mat for Disabled Drivers

Ford & GTB Brazil Design Accessibility Mat for Disabled Drivers

In partnership with GTB Brazil and Code Studio, Ford Brazil redesigned the Ecosport trunk's mat to give it a new function: a portable accessibility mat for drivers with disabilities and/or limited mobility. To use it, the driver removes the Accessibility Mat from the trunk, effortlessly folds it, and puts it in the back of their wheelchair for use whenever it's needed and with minimal physical strain.

The Accessibility Mat also maps the accessibility of the city, and has sensors and a microprocessor that sends Bluetooth signals to the wheelchair user's mobile phone every time it's used. An app and a website gather this data, identifying the places in need of accessibility, thus providing local authorities with information so they can make cities easier to navigate and other Accessibility Mat users can anticipate where mobility challenges may arise.

In creating the prototype, the challenge was to create a product that is both strong and light at the same time. The materials used include airplane aluminum sheets, EVA rubber, PVC fabric, neodymium magnet, pressure sensor and microprocessor Bluetooth.

Photos: Courtesy of GTB Brazil


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