Teknion Launches Innovative Cerebro Technology to Maximize Workstation Comfort

Teknion Launches Innovative Cerebro Technology to Maximize Workstation Comfort

Teknion has launched Cerebro, a new workplace technology concept that passively connects and maintains comfortable lighting levels and monitor eye heights when using three common workplace products - a height-adjustable table, task light and display monitor arm. Cerebro integrates the abilities of these products to provide visual comfort and create a new ergonomic experience.

When transitioning from seated to standing work height, the distance between monitor eye height and typing height grows, while the amount of light at the worksurface intensifies as you get closer to overhead light sources. Cerebro allows the user to adjust the monitor height and the light level on the surface, both of which are critical to maintaining user comfort.

Cerebro is integrated to two Teknion products, Sanna Lightbar and Swerv Monitor Arm. With Sanna Lightbar, the user establishes their preference for the amount of light they want on their worksurface and sets this value using Lumistat. Lumistat acts as a thermostat for percentage of light output of the lightbar. Sanna Lightbar senses the amount of ambient light and provides the required amount of light output to match the amount selected using Lumistat. As the workstation gets closer to, or further away from, overhead lighting via sit/stand working, the Lumistat value will be maintained as the Lightbar automatically adjusts light output to provide a consistent visual user experience.

The Swerv Monitor Arm is designed to be used with a Teknion electric height-adjustable table, built-in or wall unit that uses a Linak electric linear actuator system inside. Using a Teknion-specific custom digital switch, the user sets their "delta" - the difference in eye-to-typing height between seated and standing - then the monitor arm will automatically adjust this delta when transitioning between seated and standing work.

Photo: Courtesy of Teknion


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