UX Design Awards 2019

UX Design Awards 2019

Submissions are now open for the 2019 UX Design Awards. With the UX Design Awards, International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) honors solutions that contribute to to shaping a future-oriented world. Successful user-centric design is essential and a unique selling point of innovative products and services.

The competition focuses on the core topic of connected life and work. "Designing user experiences (UX) is increasingly becoming a core discipline that influences all design fields," said Ake Rudolf, strategic director of International Design Center Berlin, the competition organizers. Positive user experiences offer real added value: Intuitive solutions strengthen people's abilities in everyday life by enabling and facilitating access to new applications and fields of knowledge. In this way, they promote inclusion and increase users' joy of life through meaningful experiences.

Companies and agencies worldwide are invited to submit successful user-centric services, products and concepts by March 31, 2019.

Among all entries, an expert jury will nominate fifty outstanding solutions to participate in the competition for the UX Design Awards. In a second step, the jury selects up to ten award winners among all nominated projects.

Awards are bestowed in the categories 'Product' and 'Concept.' Across all categories, the jury names one 'Gold' award winner, who is considered the 'best of the best' in the competition. In addition, users from all over the world select an audience award winner in an eight-week long online voting procedure.

more: ux-design-awards.com (948)