Farrow and Ball Opens New Los Angeles Flagship

Farrow & Ball Opens New Los Angeles Flagship

Farrow & Ball recently opened a new Los Angeles flagship designed by Isaac Resnikoff and Sandy Yum of local studio Project Room located in WestHollywood on La Cienega Boulevard in the center of the La Cienega Design Quarter. The new showroom transforms how customers experience and shop for color.

The two-story, 2,600-square foot showroom celebrates the brand's world-renowned color expertise as well as the local design scene in Los Angeles. On the exterior of the space, a vibrant, striped fa├žade showcases each of the brand's full range of colors. The ground floor invites architects, interior designers and visitors alike to truly 'see' rather than just 'look' at color through an innovative display system that brings paint to life on three dimensional surfaces.

Taking inspiration from the brand's poetic approach to color naming - ranging from Elephant's Breath and Arsenic to Dead Salmon - Project Room carefully studied each of the 132 colors in the Farrow & Ball palette, along with its back story and historical references. What resulted are 132 unique design objects, each painted in the Farrow & Ball color the object represents. When the object is picked up, one can experience, examine, and appreciate a single color and the paint's remarkable depth. However, as multiple objects are stacked as totems they have the ability to be both an architectural element within the showroom and an artistic element, becoming striking sculptural displays.

"With this new showroom, we wanted to create an innovative space and rethink what a paint and wallpaper showroom can be," explained Farrow & Ball CEO Anthony Davey. "Los Angeles has such a an exciting design scene, it seemed right to create a dynamic space that takes a new approach at how we experience color. Together with Project Room, I believe we have achieved something that will really surprise and amaze our customers."

Photography: Laure Joliet

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