Bernhardt Design Launches Pedersen Lounge Chair

Bernhardt Design Launches Pedersen Lounge Chair

Designed by acclaimed Danish furniture designer, Thomas Pedersen, the Pedersen lounge chair is the designers debut work in America and first time collaborating with Bernhardt Design. The Pedersen lounge takes inspiration from Denmark's natural coastline resulting in a minimal yet innovative three-legged chair. This new work incorporates Pedersen's many years spent perfecting the 3D veneer process in order to find the perfect balance of comfort, durability and distinctive character. Furthermore the chair is designed with the human body in mind for universal comfort.

"The entire process was about creating another icon that integrates well with diverse design languages and works harmoniously in the type of spaces people are creating today," commented Jerry Helling, President of Bernhardt Design. "The chair is definitely iconic and has a youthful appearance, but it blends beautifully with contemporary, transitional and residential furniture. The first time I saw a rendering of the chair I wanted it - even if it were uncomfortable and expensive. It was a pleasant surprise and a great relief to discover this graceful sculpture was amazingly comfortable and affordable.

"Inspired by an open seashell, the chair beckons you to sit down and then provides a sense of well-being. Designed with the human body in mind for universal comfort regardless of a person's size, the design in its purest form works well ergonomically. At the end of the day, Pedersen is most certainly a chair that maintains a minimalistic Nordic look and feel."

Photos: Courtesy of Bernhardt Design

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