ROOM Unveils Creativity at Work

ROOM Unveils Creativity at Work

ROOM, a startup set out to redefine the modern workplace with modular office space solutions, has launched Creativity at Work, a design collaboration program dedicated to furthering creative inspiration in the modern workplace. ROOM is launching a series of limited edition collections through the program designed by artists from the fashion, interior design and art worlds.

The inaugural collection, Botanical, features a set of three unique phone booths custom designed for the Brooklyn creative lab and coworking space, A/D/O. The booths provide the creative community with the private spaces needed for calls and focused work. The prints were designed by Tuppence Collective, a London-based female duo specializing in surface pattern design.

Design has been a core pillar of ROOM's mission since day one, brought to life through its products empowering companies of all sizes to build a better workplace with thoughtfully designed office space solutions. Creativity at Work enables a spectrum of both budding and established designers, from a variety of industries, to partner with ROOM for the opportunity to design solution-oriented products allowing companies to infuse creativity and functionality into their work environments.

With the limited phone booths featuring Tuppence's transportive botanical pattern, ROOM and the design-duo will provide companies with private spaces that uplift and encourage imagination and creativity among staff. In 2019, the second iteration of Creativity at Work is scheduled to launch with Daniel Reynolds, a notable pattern designer who's worked with brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade.

"Design is essential to ROOM. We focus on the user and obsess over details to create the most impactful solutions for modern workspaces today, exemplifying form following function," said Alejandra Albarrán, Director of Design & Innovation, ROOM. "With Creativity at Work, we're enabling modern workplaces to be even more inspiring by encouraging creative expression. A/D/O and Tuppence Collective have been fantastic inaugural partners for the program and with them we're able to further our mission by giving workers more room to think, create and collaborate."

A/D/O is a creative lab and coworking space that serves the creative community locally and globally, providing a meeting space for pioneers from diverse backgrounds. Custom designed with the A/D/O community in mind, the Botanical collection provides a quiet place people need to make phone calls and focus, making room for creative exchange and effective collaboration.

Alicia Perry and Rebecca Intavarant are the duo behind Tuppence Collective. With their North London studio, they design and hand paint original patterns inspired by beautiful botanicals and the combination of new and old. The duo strives to combine this essence throughout their series of striking patterns, which naturally lent themselves to a collaboration with ROOM and creating a modern version of the phone booth for work environments.

"We've always looked for the beauty in old trends, and immediately after seeing the ROOM One we were struck with inspiration to create a new perspective for the classic phone booth," said Alicia Perry, Designer, Tuppence Collective. "Workplace brilliance is promoted by surrounding yourself with inspiration, and sometimes this influence is naturally stifled within the confines of the traditional office. Our pattern design is meant to truly transport employees once they step into the booth - allowing creativity to flourish by providing privacy and inspiration to the modern worker."

Photos: Courtesy of ROOM