Delvaux Opens Iconic New Boutique in London

Delvaux Opens Iconic New Boutique in London

Delvaux has opened an iconic new boutique in London. Designed by Vudafieri - Saverino Partners, the new space combines the belgitude of the Maison with the charm of the British ambience.

The new London boutique is located at 47 New Bond Street. Designed in 1906 by William Flockhart, the building is a veritable architectural jewel, famous for its superb facade and period boiserie. The development of the pre-existing artistic heritage played a key role in the interior design project. In fact the new interior aims to highlight the characteristics of the space and its unique position on the street, dominated by majestic windows with bronze moldings.

The boiserie becomes the boutique's iconic element: black with a matt finish, it acts as a framework for the refinement of Delvaux creations. A shade used exclusively in this London space, pointing up its elegance and personality. The curved shapes of the boiserie create a refined contrast to the square geometry of the shelves and consoles and their pale gold finish.

Black boiserie also marks the majestic staircase leading to the basement floor, where the dichotomy between the white of Delvaux's iconic wardrobe and the dark tones of the room immediately stands out.

Photography: Santi Caleca

Vudafieri Saverino Partners

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