Vudafieri-Saverino Partners Designs Delvaux's New Boutique in Paris

Vudafieri-Saverino Partners Designs Delvaux's New Boutique in Paris

Delvaux recently opened a new boutique in the heart of Paris. Designed by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, La Maison's new space is an evocative combination of design pieces adorned with prestigious luxury touches: bringing a new harmony of shades and styles.

Spread across 100 square meters, the interiors of the Rue Saint Honoré boutique reflect the building's heritage and bring together Delvaux's Belgian spirit and Parisian style. The use of materials is visually striking and the eye is drawn to a series of antique doors, which adorn the walls and act as a backdrop to the products on display. These rare antiques - from different periods and of different styles but all with a distinctly French feel - tell a unique story of the masterly crafted design and represent a tribute to the city where this boutique is located. Used as a frame for La Maison's luxury bags, the doors are an unprecedented evolution of the wood paneling, a design feature that Delvaux has frequently adopted and has reinterpreted in various different ways in their boutiques.

The interior of the store is an eclectic mix of bespoke ​Vudafieri-Saverino Partners furnishings and a selection of designer pieces and antiques, which blend together in a subtle harmony of styles. Most notably, these include a majestic antique Saint Anne marble table with white floral motif, and, in the middle of the boutique, an outstanding​ 18th-century gilded ceremonial cabinet.

Tiziano Vudafieri and ​Claudio Saverino have once again worked around color and texture, adorning the walls with special plaster and stucco by the Italian artist ​Filippo Falaguasta and providing a sense of tonal warmth in line with the wall paneling. Visitors are met with the ​Custom Bar counter as they enter the store: here they can experience Delvaux luxury in their own bespoke way. The countertop is bathed in a warm glow from industrial-style pendant lamps and behind this, there stands a floor-to-ceiling bookcase that showcases Delvaux accessories.

Aside from the unique use of antique doors, the homage to Paris and France can also be seen in the boutique's materials. Burgundy limestone has been chosen for the flooring, and the Pierre de Taille hewn stone, a feature in furnishings such as the bookcase, is a celebration of the facades of the French capital's historic buildings. These are skillfully blended with traditional Delvaux materials such as gold, satin nickel, and burnished brass.

Photography: Antoine Huot

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