Innovations' 2019 Color Direction

Innovations' 2019 Color Direction

Innovations has named Warm & Cool Gray, Navy Blue and Forest Green as its leading influence for product development in 2019. Non-traditional neutrals will anchor neon and metallic accents as they exit the runway and enter the realm of interiors.

"We watched celebrities and style icons embrace dramatic fluorescents, as they unapologetically introduced color in their everyday wardrobe," said Daniela Guarin, Product Designer. "Pairing these intimidating hues with a muted family of non-traditional neutrals allows our product line the same freedom to play with vibrant color without hesitation."

Warm and Cool Gray

With versatile sophistication, gray dramatically ranges in temperature making it an ideal neutral. A quiet take on concrete, warm and cool gray frames bold and saturated color with ease. Whether light and feminine or dark and masculine, soothing gray tones will remain in the closets and homes of innovators everywhere.

Navy Blue

Stealing the spotlight from staple neutrals like black, brown and white, navy washes new life into both mellow and edgy interiors. Full in body, the deep saturated hue makes a big impact with calm elegance. Whether gracing shorelines or storefronts, navy proves its style credential grounding lively textures and patterns that call for attention.

Forest Green

Heavier than jade, and earthier than emerald, this fresh hue of green invites the life of the forest floor indoors. Though envious for the spotlight, forest green embraces neutrality, serving as a backboard for eccentric assets that nod to neon trends in fashion. As sustainability and preservation lead designer's values worldwide, the sense of going green plants itself firmly in interior palettes.

Photo: Courtesy of Innovations

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