Offecct Launches Modern Sofa System 'Font' by Matti Klenell

Offecct Launches Modern Sofa System 'Font' by Matti Klenell

Designed by Matti Klenell, Font is a sofa system that has been developed for the new Nationalmuseum, Sweden's leading museum for art and design. "Font is based on a simple form with a round backrest, which gives the furniture its graphic expression and character, and indeed also inspired the name," Klenell explained. "The challenge was to achieve the right height and softness, and also a construction that enables you to use Font in a context outside of the museum."

Font consists of one straight and one curved section, which together can be joined in numerous permutations, and a smaller table can also be attached wherever it is needed. It is a sofa system that can grow into different public spaces far beyond the museum's walls, and it also marks the first commercial collaboration between Klenell and Offecct.

Photos: Courtesy of Offecct


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