Nansa by Santiago Sevillano Wins a German Design Award

Nansa by Santiago Sevillano Wins a German Design Award

The Nansa chair, designed by Santiago Sevillano Studio for Musola, has recently received a German Design Award. Nansa is inspired by the typical fishing traps of the Albufera, a natural park near Valencia.

The jury stated that Nansa is "a stimulating and novel chair with apparent Mediterranean panache that is very interesting for its conceptual design, in particular the bent tubes used to form the powder coated frame fascinate while the machine washable cushion provides functional practicality."

The design is aimed to give the collection a markedly mediterranean character that transports one into the beautiful sunsets on the Albufera piers. There is a contraption called 'nasa' oftenly used by fishers in this lagoon. It is a passive fishing net, which has a cylinder shape that narrows and is conformed by rigid circular rods that line the structure. The idea inspired the studio and the concept emerged: "embrace the person as the nasa embraces the fish." Because of that, the name of the project evolved into 'Nansa,' and the studio came up with an open aluminum structure that contained the cushions as if it was a net containing fish. This way a comfortable, but light and airy seating was achieved.

Photos: Courtesy of Santiago Sevillano Studio

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