2019 Type Drives Culture Conference

2019 Type Drives Culture Conference

Type Directors Club will hold its one-day conference about the intersection of type and culture in New York at the SVA Theatre on March 1. The theme of this year's Type Drives Culture Conference is "Type: More ______ Than Ever," which allows presenters and conference attendees to fill in the blank about the present and future of type in a diverse and global context.

TDC has invited a diverse group of type innovators to take the stage to speak about the present and future of type. Rich Tu, the vice president of design for MTV, will serve as the master of ceremonies for an exciting day, featuring the keynote speaker type designer/educator and TDC Medalist Fiona Ross. Other award-winning designers presenting during the day include E Roon Kang, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Wael Morcos, Natasha Jen, design reporter Anne Quito of Quartz, Yotam Hadar, and Ksenya Samarskaya.

Among the day's highlights will be a live-taping of Debbie Millman's influential podcast Design Matters, where she will interview Kris Holmes of Bigelow & Holmes. Juliette Cezzar will moderate a panel discussion with Dan Rhatigan of Adobe Fonts, Irin Kim of Google Fonts, and Charles Nix of Monotype.

Jason Pamentel and Gloria Kondrup of the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography in Pasadena will moderate two other panels.

Image: Courtesy of Juan Villanueva & Ysabel Yates

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