RIMOWA Opens First Berlin Store, Designed by Universal Design Studio

RIMOWA Opens First Berlin Store, Designed by Universal Design Studio

RIMOWA recently opened its their first Berlin store, designed by Universal Design Studio - taking inspiration from the city's identity, the existing historic space and RIMOWA's current global campaign film 'Never Still' and brand values.

Universal Design Studio took a gallery-style approach in the layout of the 220sq. meter location - a listed period property - intentionally leaving aspects of the existing fabric of the building unfounded, while inserting fixtures to act as free-standing sculptures. The display furniture throughout the three rooms allows the suitcases to be perfectly framed whilst celebrating aluminium - a material synonymous with the RIMOWA brand - in its textural beauty and material possibilities. The store was designed with evolution in mind, therefore fixtures have been kept modular and adaptable, and will be able to host new ranges of product as well as future events and programming.

The contemporary presentation displays feature products in a way that both invites user interaction and also educates on the product's components and materiality. The bright interior integrates lighting and design elements that bolster the presentation of the entire luggage collection, including the RIMOWA Original, RIMOWA Classic, RIMOWA Essential and RIMOWA Hybrid.

Inspired by RIMOWA's current global campaign film 'Never Still,' the interior design aims to de-construct the moments a RIMOWA suitcase is with you throughout a journey, through the composition of abstract, material vignettes. These create contrasting textural backdrops to the highly engineered suitcases, transferring segments of the urban landscape into the store concept. A new accessory wall prominently showcases luggage accessories of varying sizes and materials providing a spotlight for the many iconic components of a RIMOWA, including stickers, coloured wheels, handles and luggage belts.

In addition to the innovative retail presentation, RIMOWA Berlin also hosts a repair center. Conceived as a laboratory, the repair workshop is visible from the retail floor, a reflection of the brand's commitment to both the product line's longevity and a lifetime of service.

Photography: Felix Löchner

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