Ettore Sottsass and the Social Factory

Ettore Sottsass and the Social Factory

This April, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami) will launch a new biannual exhibition initiative committed to exploring significant advances in postwar and contemporary design and its relationship to contemporary art, with Ettore Sottsass and the Social Factory - an exhibition that considers the practice of the influential designer beyond his place in the history of design, and places Sottsass' work within the social and economic contexts in which it was produced.

Spanning five decades of Sottsass' practice, the exhibition encompasses over 50 works, ranging from ceramic totems and "Superboxes" to conceptual drawings and photographic works to furniture.

Organized in four distinct, chronological sections, each part will present significant objects that embody the concerns that occupied Sottsass during each period, while serving as vehicles through which to understand the transformative social conditions in which he was immersed. A press release can be downloaded here and images are available upon request.

Photo: A. Fioravanti, E. Sottsass.

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