Offecct Launches Young by Michael Young

Offecct Launches Young by Michael Young

Offecct has launched the Young sofa and easy chair by Michael Young. Every angle and element in this sofa and easy chair has been carefully thought out. Quilted textile covers the soft seating, which rests on a delicately shapen wooden frame. The size, appearance and function make Young suitable for public spaces and hospitality areas, as well as offices and domestic spheres where space is limited.

"Swedes have a good sense of style and I wanted to do something that was somewhat Swedish and simple," Young said. "Upholstery is one of the most difficult things to do because it's so uncontrollable, as opposed to product design which is just as much hard work but you know the exact outcome. So I'm very happy that Offecct is realising my take on a casual couch and easy chair, and about our collaboration in general which has given me new insights about upholstery."

Photos: Courtesy of Offecct


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