Capdell Debuts A-Collection by Fran Silvestre

Capdell Debuts A-Collection by Fran Silvestre

Capdell has debuted the A-Collection, designed by Fran Silvestre. The chair breathes design and comfort and connects with Silvestre's philosophy of 'Wood vibrations,' in which he prioritizes wood, its texture, qualities and warmth in the configuration of each and every one of his pieces of furniture.

"For me, the concept of Wood Vibrations are the emotions that a piece of furniture conveys to you through its design, ergonomics, and beauty," Silvestre explains. "In the case of the A-Collection chair, these sensations are born of a design generated from two elements: a metallic structure, with a very thin metal rod, and a wooden casing that provides the ergonomics. We thought it was interesting that when you touch the chair, you touch it through the wood. There is an old adage that says that touching wood brings you good luck, well sitting in this chair brings you good luck as well."

A-Collection is the result of the relationship between a minimum metallic structure with a square profile and orthogonal geometry on the one hand, and on the other, a more organic wood framework that lends comfort and ergonomics to the wood. A piece that plays with the minimalism of metal and the warmth of wood, a product that aspires to the minimum expression of its forms without compromising comfort and ergonomics when sitting.

Photos: Courtesy of Capdell

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