Junghans Unveils max bill Automatic 100 Jahre Bauhaus

Junghans Unveils max bill Automatic 100 Jahre Bauhaus

Junghans has unveiled 'max bill Automatic,' a self-winding watch created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. As a classic three-handed watch, the max bill Automatic embodies the essential aspects envisioned by product designer Max Bill.

Max Bill himself studied at the Bauhaus, which was founded exactly 100 years ago. After arriving in Dessau in 1927 and laying eyes on the Bauhaus building for the very first time, he described his first impression as "something never seen before: white walls and huge dark glass façades with the student residence at the forefront and the balcony doors accentuated in red lead."

The feeling of exhilaration experienced by Max Bill upon encountering the Bauhaus is reflected in the 1,000 limited edition Junghans max bill Automatic. This watch bears the fundamental ideas ingrained in the very fabric of the Bauhaus. The matt silver dial commemorates the white walls of the building in Dessau, the anthracite-colored case is representative of the striking façade, and the red hands mirror the color of the famous red doors.

The back of the watch will prove a true journey through time for enthusiasts and admirers of the Bauhaus. With its large windowed façade, the Bauhaus building is impressively represented on the glass case back- at the same time allowing a view of the mechanical movement through a window steeped in history.

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