Sarah Andelman x Darcel Disappoints and IKEA Debut Förnyad

Sarah Andelman x Darcel Disappoints and IKEA Debut Förnyad

IKEA collaborated with Sarah Andelman, Creative Director of colette, and Darcel Disappoints designer Craig Redman to celebrate modern student life with a playful collection of lamps, sofas, desks, stalls, and accessories including stationary named FÖRNYAD. Fun and fashion infuse every item through pattern play, unexpected colors and sizes-and some quirky surprises.

Darcel Disappoints is a New Yorker. He's also a cartoon. Sometimes cynical, sometimes silly (but always loveable), Darcel is a keen observer of city life. Whether he's gallery hopping or subway riding, Darcel maintains his signature style-a monocle- and his signature attitude. Thanks to his unique take on city life (and his adorable shape), he's become a fashion world favorite.

"Sarah is a pioneer in creating lifestyle retail experiences, and Colette presented a back to school 'must have' collection every year. Sarah has a wide network of influencers around the world," said Henrik Most, Creative Leader for the FÖRNYAD collection, IKEA. "For this collaboration, she introduced us to Craig, known for his egg-shaped alter ego Darcel, with a lot of young, design-interested followers-our target group."

The collection will be available from June 2019.

Photos: Courtesy of IKEA

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