Rich Brilliant Willing Launches AllSew and Dimple

Rich Brilliant Willing Launches AllSew and Dimple

Rich Brilliant Willing has launched AllSew - a new modular LED lighting solution, and Dimple - a new compact, flush-mounted sconce.

AllSew is tailored for workspaces, and equally suited to a wide range of indoor contract settings, from hospitality and dining to retail and residential interiors. Made from only the essential components, AllSew's weightless volume and pared down design takes inspiration from the material language of kites: lightweight, collapsible structures that combine technical fabrics and composite rods.

The large, illuminated volumes of AllSew recall classic Akari paper lanterns, reinterpreted and updated for high-performance needs and everyday use. Intricate details and functional considerations belie its simple form: The interior framework is made from thin, gently pliable rods engineered for strength under tension, and ease of assembly. Compressed for shipping, the shade material retains wrinkles when expanded, adding the warmth of textural richness and lending a diffuse glow. A specialty sailcloth was selected for its extreme durability and luminous quality.

Available in three square-like sizes (36", 48", and 72") the economical use of materials yields large to extra-extra-large formats for an impactful statement. Designed for tiled, modular installation, AllSew creates voluminous, architectural ceiling scapes for large-scale interiors and contract settings. When used individually, AllSew acts as a beacon: its overhead, ambient environmental glow designates a gathering place. Enhanced dual controls allow for adjustable direct and indirect dimming and energy efficiency throughout the day.

Named to reference its sewn textile construction-the shade body is 'all sewn,' offering a slight double entendre-AllSew, a homophone of 'also,' connotes an additive quality, as well, suggesting its intended use in a tiled configuration of multiple units. Made for versatile use and spatial impact with minimal waste, AllSew is designed to collapse for compact, flat-packed shipping and storage, and is easily assembled by hand.

Dimple casts a subtle and soft, atmospheric light suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. Originally produced as a custom fixture in collaboration with Sister City - a new hotel concept from Ace Hotel's Atelier Ace debuting this month, on Manhattan's Bowery - Dimple embodies the brand's philosophy for functional simplicity and a minimalist design ethos that takes inspiration from a range of natural and cultural influences: from Finnish saunas to Japanese bento boxes, prehistoric rock-cut cliff dwellings, and John Cage's 4'33". Made from solid-cast glass and an anodized aluminum backing, the dimmable sconce occupies a minimal footprint while lending to a diverse set of uses.

Dimple is cheekily named for the thick, domed circular diffuser embedded into its front face. This unique feature renders its LED source into a soft, atmospheric glow that subtly emanates an orb-like, optical pattern. Evocative of a headlight or a lens, the sconce is durable and damp- rated, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use, bathrooms, or bedside applications.

Dimple Photos: © Adrian Gaut

Photos: Courtesy of Rich Brilliant Willing

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