Urban Imprint by Studio INI

Urban Imprint by Studio INI

Studio INI recently unveiled Urban Imprint, an immersive installation at the A/D/O on view through September 2. The immersive, kinetic installation takes a forward-looking approach to notions of personal identity in cities. It presents as a living sculpture of sorts - given its life by human interaction.

Urban Imprint allows visitors to reshape their physical space and architecture as a result of their own movement. The boundaries of the immersive, cocoon-like envelopment rise, recede, and partially separate as people walk through the piece to give each individual a unique and intensely personal experience.

"In cities, we are so often adapting to the physical constraints of a predefined plan, as if poured into a vessel of concrete and glass," Inglessis explained. "I wanted to explore what it would look like to create a more symbiotic and 'natural' relationship between us and our built environment. In nature, the human self is both part of an ecosystem and an architect of the constructed space; a space that takes form as a result of the imprint from all the living organisms that inhabit it.

"The goal of Urban Imprint is to explore the potential of a highly responsive urban space; one that I hope can allow its visitors to feel present and empowered through their own unique imprint."

Photos: Luke Walker for A/D/O

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