Next Creative Leaders 2019 - Call for Entries

Next Creative Leaders 2019: Call for Entries

The One Club for Creativity and The 3% Movement have launched a global call for entries for their joint Next Creative Leaders 2019 program. Developed collaboratively by the organizations in 2015, Next Creative Leaders identifies, celebrates and gives a global platform to talented creative women who are making their mark on the world with both game changing work and a unique point of view on creative leadership that is changing the industry for the better.

"The One Club for Creativity has a long-standing commitment to providing programming that helps solve the industry's diversity problem as opposed to just talking about it," said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club. "We created our own Inclusion & Diversity Department more than a decade ago, and support programs like Next Creative Leaders that identify, elevate and give voice to those who are making a real difference. These are the women with will open the door and inspire the next generation of women who follow in their footsteps."

"We're so impressed by the talented women who have been named Next Creative Leaders in the past," said Kat Gordon, founder, The 3% Movement. "They're producing amazing creative work around the world that actually makes a difference. It's been exciting to watch this initiative grow into a global showcase for modern creative leadership."

To make Next Creative Leaders as open and accessible as possible, there is no fee to enter the competition. Entrants are judged on four-to-six pieces of creative work, their background and information about how they - and their work - are pushing the industry forward and making a positive contribution in terms of diversity, mentoring and advocacy. Winners will be selected by a jury of top creatives and diversity advocates, including past Next Creative Leaders winners.

The extended deadline for submission is August 16, 2019.

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