MOO x Kate Moross Journals

MOO x Kate Moross Journals

MOO and Kate Moross have launched a set of three softcover limited edition journals, MOO x Kate Moross Journals, designed for sketching, writing, and planning.

Each journal is covered with Kate's trademark illustrations - and a love of color runs from the cover to the stitching. Inside the pink slipcase, you'll find everything you need to develop your creative projects, from first scribblings to final plans.

"I wanted to design a set of colourful journals, each with a different purpose," said Kate Moross. "So there's a blank one for sketching, a lined one for writing, and one with lines AND check boxes for making plans. Plus a handy pink slipcase to keep your projects organised."

MOO's first Softcover Journal collaboration incorporates Swedish-made, archival Munken Kristall paper never yellows and provides a crisp white non-glare canvas on a silky smooth stock; and a custom-designed slipcase that keeps the journals protected and pristine.


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