MOO Launches Luxe Family

MOO Launches Luxe Family

MOO recently launched its new Luxe Family range of products, including Luxe MiniCards, Luxe Postcards and Luxe Notecards.

"Today, more than ever, tactile, personal communication makes a real difference for people and businesses that want to make a meaningful and lasting impression," said Richard Moross, CEO and Founder of MOO. "The Luxe family gives customers a range of premium stationery to choose from, each one a consistent, beautiful and personal token that stands out in a world of ephemeral email, messaging and texts."

MOO Luxe Family 03

For small businesses especially, MOO's Luxe products provide a new way to create a personalized, intimate experience with a premium, tangible communications piece. The Luxe family makes the recipient feel they've received something that is unique, special and limited in number.