Almost Gold Unveils Major Studio Expansion

Almost Gold Unveils Major Studio Expansion

Almost Gold has unveiled a major studio expansion on the eve of the company's five year anniversary. Designed by company Principal/Creative Director Linas Jodwalis and Architect Chip Smith, Almost Gold's new East Wing embodies the studio's design expression where artist loft meets MidCentury style. With a nod to Scandinavian aesthetics, two workspaces are wrapped in warm hardwood; crushed gold velvet envelopes the funkiest recording booth in town, while a central conference room rounds out the space that expands Almost Gold to 3000 sq/ft.

"When I started Almost Gold, I took inspiration from some of the amazing restaurants' environments around Chicago - places that combine style and comfort, with elements of fun," Jodwalis said. "Somewhere you'd want to experience good things. Designing the studio, and again with this new expansion, was an irresistible opportunity to surround ourselves in things we loved, and to share that with other artists and clients."

Things beloved by Almost Gold are immortalized in a mural by Jesse Hora, who has created original illustrations and murals for Adidas, Mode Project, Shake Shack and more. Almost Gold's walls are adorned with golden, pop art illustrations of many passions - music, Chicago sports, steak, cameras, sunshine, hot dogs are more.

Photos: Courtesy of Almost Gold

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