M-Rad Moves to New Headquarters

M-Rad Moves to New Headquarters

Looking to expand and grow further, M-Rad moved to a brand new location and created a flexible environment that serves as a home base for employees as well as accommodates the studio's busy schedule of industry events and panels. Upon entering M-Rad's new headquarters visitors are welcomed into the space's generous open floor plan. The office is thoughtfully outfitted with modern, custom furnishings in line with the studio's streamlined architectural style that is visualized throughout. A custom reception desk is located adjacent to a glass-walled conference room designed specifically to reinforce a sense of transparency and collaboration throughout the space.

The main goal in designing the office was to create a flexible environment that would serve as a home base for the studio's schedule of industry events and panels. The dual-functioning office was conceived to effortlessly transform from a workspace to an event space as a result of easily assembled and disassembled sit-to-stand desking. Breakout spaces similarly provide a transitional atmosphere, satisfying both day-to-day needs, as well as those of events. Solo and group work is supported through various collaboration zones and call rooms. Tracklighting was installed strategically across the workspace to create a gallery-like effect ideal for exhibits hosted in the studio. Artwork is displayed across the studio with the same goal in mind and is further illuminated by a central chandelier featuring an arrangement of Edison bulbs.

A technologically-equipped virtual reality (VR) and artificial reality (AR) lounge area was specifically included in the office in response to the growing demand for this type of project visualization by architects and clients alike. Always on the cutting edge, M-Rad has invested in the edification of its staff when it comes to VR and AR technology. In addition, the office includes a materials lab that allows for exciting new research in product and building material development. Currently, the studio is working on utensils that help people who have rheumatoid arthritis eat more comfortably, as well as in-flight utensils that help stimulate taste buds at high altitudes.

In addition to cleverly placed lighting fixtures, natural light permeates through skylights along with a large garage door that opens out to a fully-furnished patio. In this way, employees are able to take advantage of famously sunny California weather year-round. A picnic table and additional patio furniture invite staff to work, enjoy meals, or simply have an impromptu meeting outdoors.

From its exterior, the office makes a bold statement against its bright Californian backdrop as it is painted in black with an eight-foot steel M-Rad sign positioned in front of the building. Strategically located right by Culver City, California, the design studio is neighbors with a host of large tech and entertainment companies such as Amazon and HBO.

Photography: Kristopher Grunert