2019 Play_Street Open International Ideas Competition

2019 Play_Street Open International Ideas Competition

PLAY_STREET is an open international ideas competition to re-imagine the urban street as a play space. The challenge of the competition is to design or plot a set of playful and performative activities that claims the street as a public space, a PLAY space.

PLAY_STREET is an official program of the 2019 Winnipeg Design Festival and is OPEN to all designers and creatives. The entrants are invited to imagine, script and illustrate a temporary PLAY-logistics and or PLAY-gears for the STREET.

The design can involve gears and apparatuses that are newly designed or repurposed, and may include simple rules and or 'game-like' logistics: 'how-to-play.' Up to FIVE winning PLAY will be installed in an urban street/alley to transform the space as a play street. The PLAY will be open to the public to PLAY during the festival.

The deadline to register is August 9th, 2019.

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