Torino Graphic Days 2019

Torino Graphic Days 2019

The fourth edition of the Torino Graphic Days - the international festival dedicated to visual communication - will take place October 3-6, featuring workshops, talks, performances and exhibitions that will celebrate the fusion among visual arts.

This year's festival is going to promote the connection between visual communication and social commitment, choosing integration as the main theme. The debate will involve the notion of a cultural melting pot, as well as the fusion of different skills, abilities and perceptions.

The festival will host the interactive installation Draw to Art by Google Creative Lab, Google Arts & Culture Lab e IYOIYO, under the creative direction of Xavier Barrade, (Google Creative Lab London), which was built with the goal of creating an experience that uses the latest machine learning technology, but offers a very simple and magical experience to everyone and an accessible way to explore the collection. One hundred stories, one face, is the project about integration designed by Marco Oggian and co-curated by Nicola Schwartz: visitors will be able to make digital portraits based on the same icon with different features (details and colors) that make them unique, as a metaphor of the human experience. Besides the installations, more than 30 illustrators and artists will be the protagonists of the digital art live performances.

Photo: Courtesy of Torino Graphic Days

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