Pininfarina Wins 2019 Red Dot Design Concept Award for Miami Beach's Bus Shelters

Pininfarina Wins 2019 Red Dot Design Concept Award for Miami Beach's Bus Shelters

Pininfarina has won a 2019 Red Dot Design Concept Award for its Bus Shelter for the City of Miami Beach. Seeking to enhance the transit experience and improve the quality of existing architecture and functionality, the City of Miami Beach proposed to adopt a new bus shelter design for city commuters, with the City Commission unanimously selecting Pininfarina's boundary-pushing concept design as the winning bid.

"We are delighted to receive this award for the City of Miami Beach," commented Paolo Trevisan, Head of Design for Pininfarina of America. "Our bus shelter system is the solution to the City of Miami Beach's transportation needs, and we're honored to be part of the evolution of the city's identity."

The Bus Shelters feature innovative modular designs and contemporary technology that highlight Pininfarina's goal of creating a modern, airy, accessible and comfortable user experience. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and amenities that enhance the passenger experience, key design highlights include a solar panel system, estimated bus and trolley arrival signs, passenger security systems, and a tempered glass frame with an additional awning to protect its users.

"Our bus shelters will display the highest design quality and functionality," stated Dan Gelber, Miami Beach Mayor. "This prestigious award represents the ultimate seal of approval when it comes to an exquisite design, enhancing our Miami Beach brand worldwide."

Drawing inspiration from the City of Miami Beach's playful, dynamic and energetic atmosphere, Pininfarina's shelter design is inspired by natural shapes and a color palette that captures the vibrant personality of Miami Beach.

"If cities are to increase public transit ridership, its leaders must strive to improve every aspect of the experience," added Ricky Arriola, Miami Beach Vice-Mayor. "Pininfarina's iconic bus shelter design contributes to our mission of sustainability by taking what is typically a drab infrastructure afterthought and transforming it into a functional, artistic masterpiece that will entrance drivers away from their pollutive commutes."