Robin Day '675 Chair' Charity Project

Robin Day '675 Chair' Charity Project

Fifteen world-renowned designers have added their personal touch to the seat pad of the iconic '675 chair,' designed by Robin Day, paying tribute to one of Britain's leading designers.

Initiated by Case Furniture in partnership with Heal's and the Robin & Lucienne Day Foundation, the 'A Day to Remember' project will help improve the future of young British designers by supporting the educational work of the Foundation through an exhibition display at Heal's Flagship store at Tottenham Road Court.

Participating designers include Eleanor Pritchard, Donna Wilson, Charlene Mullen, Cristian Zuzunaga, Wallace & Sewell, Eley Kishimoto, Hannah Waldron, Beatrice Larkin, Catherine MacGruer, Darkroom, Bill Amberg, Stitch by Stitch, Margo Selby, David Irwin and Christopher Farr.

Each chair is available to buy via a special auction at Jumblebee, with all proceeds going to the Robin & Lucienne Day Foundation.

Photos: Courtesy of Case Furniture

Case Furniture