Mackintosh Architectural Competition

Mackintosh Architectural Competition

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society has launched an open and international architectural competition. Based on two hypothetical 'ideal' houses for artists, envisaged by Mackintosh in c.1900, the competition invites participants to contribute designs for a contemporary pair of houses that explore variations on a theme.

The 'Twin Dwellings of Singular Interest' competition seeks entries for contemporary re-imaginings of Mackintosh's Ideal House for an artist couple. Entrants will be required to research Mackintosh's domestic designs as well as his work generally. Submitted designs should reflect the requirements of modern contemporary life experienced in the 21st century.

"Mackintosh was only 21 when he created the concept drawings for an 'Artist's Cottage and Studio' and an 'Artist's Town House and Studio,'" commented Stuart Robertson, Director of the CRM Society. "The drawings give almost no idea of setting, and both designs were probably 'ideal' schemes, not intended to be built.

"Mackintosh's design philosophy was solidly rooted in Scottish tradition; he disregarded the architecture of Greece and Rome as unsympathetic to the needs of Scotland. He believed that a revival of the Scottish Baronial style, adapted to modern society would meet contemporary needs. His buildings clearly demonstrate this belief as they possess an inherent quality of abstract beauty.

"The competition is such a great opportunity for students and practitioners to explore and develop their own beliefs and architectural convictions, in a similar manner to that of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I cannot wait to see the various entries."

The deadline for submissions is November 8, 2019.

Image: Courtesy of Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society

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