Erwan Boulloud First U.S. Solo Show at Twenty First Gallery

Erwan Boulloud First U.S. Solo Show at Twenty First Gallery

From September 20th through November 15th, Twenty First Gallery will present Evolution, the first U.S. solo exhibition of sculptor and furniture designer, Erwan Boulloud.

Featuring works inspired by history, nature, and science, the show explores Boulloud's artistic process which illustrates the encounter of traditional, fine craftsmanship with new technologies. Working with a vast array of raw materials; from precious gemstones to fine metals to common day concrete, Boulloud believes each medium has its own specificity that must be exploited. His furnishings are often thought of as "genetically modified living organisms," seemingly living lives of their own.

Evolution will highlight a number of Boulloud's unique and limited-edition pieces including Cabinet de Curiosités, a cabinet crafted of brass, glass tiles, and preserved exotic butterflies; Trois Gouttes Sèches II, an aluminum cocktail table inspired by cracked earth, Kàmptô, an armchair encased in patinated steel resembling a beetle shell; and Hierophane, a circular mirror in cast bronze appearing to gaze from the wall like a golden eye.

Photos: Courtesy of Twenty First Gallery

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