Cottonwood Canyon Experience Center by Signal

Cottonwood Canyon Experience Center by Signal

Signal Architecture + Research recently completed the Cottonwood Canyon Experience Center - a multi-purpose education and recreation facility in Central Oregon's largest state park that provides unparalleled access to unexplored Oregon territory.

Oregon State Parks and Oregon State Parks Foundation hired Signal to create a unique recreation experience in Oregon's Cottonwood Canyon State Park, which was privately-owned ranch land for decades prior to the park's founding in 2013.

The 1,500sf building provides an opportunity for outdoor learning, environmental education, recreational activities, and cultural events that serve the community, the region and its visitors.

Honest materials, durability, and weather protection informed the placement of the building and help celebrate the agrarian history of the site. The building's sustainable features-inspired by the low-tech resourcefulness of the area's farm communities-protect the building from the elements, help it save energy and ensure it will stand the test of time.

Photography: Gabe Border

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