IIDA Releases What Clients Want Vol. 4

IIDA Releases What Clients Want Vol. 4

IIDA has released its newest edition of What Clients Want, a series of books dedicated to essential conversations about the value of design and the relationships between designer and client. The fourth installment of the series, What Clients Want, Volume 4, examines shifting workstyle needs and how 20 current workplace projects, including top global brands like McDonald's, Vans, Uber, and WeWork, are successfully addressing these changing expectations through design.

The 124-page hardcover book written by design editor Melissa Feldman takes readers on a world tour of the leading edge of workplace design, from international headquarters to boutique coworking spaces, providing insightful commentary about the way design shapes company culture, spurs innovation, and creates community.

"The workplace remains both the epicenter and ecosystem in cultivating brand, community, and meaningfulness-even as we have nearly ubiquitous access to tools and technology," said IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA. "What Clients Want, Volume 4, advances the notion that work is an experience imperative, requiring an essential collaboration of people, place, purpose, and potential."

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