Teknion and Bene Launch Bene Box

Teknion and Bene Launch Bene Box

Teknion recently partnered with Bene to launch a collection of deceptively simple building blocks that help support a flexible work environment. The new collection encourages a lively group dynamic and creative atmosphere.

The multi-functional collection includes stools, benches, desks, high tables, cabinets, lecterns, platforms, storage towers, and shelving units. Teknion Bene Boxes are constructed with minimalist pine plywood and offered with or without storage slots-they can also be topped with a seating pad. Bene boxes can be stacked or connected, allowing for further customization. Bene Box is perfect for modular workrooms and collaboration areas in a variety of offices from start-ups to coworking spaces.

"Teknion Bene Box deconstructs the concept of what furniture is, and ought to be," said Ally Ramsay, Director, Product Management, Core Products, Teknion. "It's the ideal multi-functional modular furnishing system, combining desks, tables, stools, shelves and storage space to create flexible options for any room, and for an entire floor plan. The Teknion Bene Box easily assembles, disassembles and can be modified by hand in just a few quick steps to create whatever settings are required. Deceptively simple, it isn't just how they are made, it's what you make with them."


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