ISSADESIGN Completes Evolution Wellness Centre

ISSADESIGN Completes Evolution Wellness Centre

ISSADESIGN recently completed the Evolution Wellness Centre located in Montreal, Canada. Specializing in the interdisciplinary twinning of care, the Evolution Wellness Centre was keen to offer their clients an inclusive, serene, self-development and concentration setting. It is on this motto that the design agency has opted for a minimalist and versatile environment that can adapt to the needs of the various activities of the program.

The design project connects the multiple spaces of the center, the reception area, the sales area, the physiotherapy rooms, and the yoga room. The goal for designers was to create a rhythmic environment within an active journey for the customer. This project reveals a fluid layout where spaces interpenetrate. In order to provide a functional venue in all seasons, a storage area has been defined at the entrance to store winter boots and other shoes. These wall brackets, being custom-built, continue to the reception desk and form the shop area where the products are displayed. As a result, the reception area is multifunctional and profitable.

The impeccable balance between wood, concrete, white and black results from an ingenious combination at all levels, whether in the rhythm of lighting or custom furniture. Also, the cube is in the spotlight in this project due to its significance. Indeed, this geometric shape is attributed to the symbol of stability, element proper to well-being. The bench, in its simplest form, projects despite its straight and structured lines, an impression of lightness. The volume in suspension prides itself on echoing the thin edges of the glass cube delimiting the meeting room at its side. In its transparency, this meeting room is inclusive. However, this materiality results from the desire to create an effect of size and openness, because one of the challenges was the need of the customer to have a large number of closed rooms for the service rooms.

Photography: David Boyer


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