Substance by Form&Seek at 2019 Detroit Month of Design

Substance by Form&Seek at 2019 Detroit Month of Design

The Substance exhibition by Form&Seek will center around the processes of material exploration as a driving force of design. Much like the designers of the Bauhaus, Detroit designers are returning to craft-based practices in a post-industrial climate, finding ways of bridging the gap between machine-made and hand-made.

Form&Seek design studio offers a platform for designers from diverse backgrounds to showcase their work in design exhibitions all around the world. Experimental and thought-provoking work unites under fresh, and pertinent themes at each of Form&Seek's exhibits. For the Detroit Month of Design 2019, Form&Seek has curated works from Detroit based designers and makers to highlight and celebrate the creativity in the city.

The designers featured in the exhibition include Aaron Blendowski, Alberte Tranberg, Bilge Nur Saltik, Karen Lee, Patrick Ethen, Sara Nishikawa, Scott Klinker, Sophie Yan, Substudio, Shelly McMahon, Sunny Kim, Studio Herron, and Studio Thing Thing.

Photo: Courtesy of Form&Seek