Reducing the Inequity Gap - Designing for Affordability

Reducing the Inequity Gap: Designing for Affordability

One of the key challenges of this century is addressing rising levels of inequity around the world. We have seen great advancement in the longevity innovation space, but new products and services far too often only reach the wealthiest people in a society.

The Stanford Center on Longevity challenges students around the world to innovate to significantly reduce the cost of a design that will help people at all ages achieve long and healthy life outcomes.

Any design that significantly reduces the cost of a solution contributing to longer and healthier lives will be accepted. Designs could target the health and well-being of young people; solutions that allow individuals to remain in their homes; solutions that bring nutritious food to individuals; monitoring health and managing chronic disease; and encouraging higher levels of activity and engagement at the community level.

Finalists will receive $1,000 USD to help with prototyping and finals preparation, mentorship from an experienced industry professional, and paid travel to the Finals at Stanford University in April 2020.

The deadline for submissions is December 6, 2019.

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