Bang and Olufsen Launches New York City Inspired Beosound 1

Bang & Olufsen Launches New York City Inspired Beosound 1

Bang & Olufsen has launched Beosound 1 New York Edition, a special edition speaker inspired by NYC's iconic skyline. The speaker features unique and beautiful graduation in color - from piano black to natural aluminum-intended to echo the appearance of New York City's skyscrapers.

The patent-pending process used to create this color gradient is unique to the Beosound 1 New York Edition. The extruded aluminum parts are milled, polished, and anodized - an electrochemical treatment that forms a durable oxide on the surface of the material. The parts then undergo a second round of mechanical processing, during which Bang & Olufsen's surface specialists carefully create a smooth gradient effect on the aluminum. Due to the labor-intensive nature of this process, only 1,200 pieces will be produced.

Beosound 1 is a portable wireless speaker system featuring a sophisticated 360-degree dispersion of sound. Its distinctive design is characterized by a conical aluminum body, which hovers slightly above the surface allowing the bass notes to emanate from beneath. The opening at the top of the speaker houses an acoustic lens-a hallmark of Bang & Olufsen-which creates an evenly distributed spherical sound profile.

Photos: Courtesy of Bang & Olufsen

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